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Section 02. Auxological issues of children and adolescent sport

Section 02. Auxological issues of children and adolescent sport
Godina Elena Z., Professor, Doctor of Sciences
Information about the head: 

Godina Elena Z. - Head of Anatomy and Biological Anthropology Department, Professor, Doctor of Science. She is one of the leading specialists in the field of auxology and age anthropology, a director of laboratory of scientific research institute of Moscow State University. Under her direction a regular survey of Moscow school and university students are taken place, a study of growing process basic patterns and epochal trends of physical development and different factors influence including sport activity  are  being held.  She has published more than 300 scientific studies in national and international edition.

Professor Godina Elena Z. is a leader of research projects supported by different grants and funds; a scholar of Fullbright program; an invited professor of Cambridge University in 1992, 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2008-2009. She was awarded a medal “Friendship” of Mongolia Republic and the degree of honorary doctor of Mongolian National Institute of Physical Education in 2011. She is a European councilor of anthropological association, International association of physiological anthropology, International society of sport anthropometry. She is a chief-editor of “Moscow University Bulletin”. XXIII. Anthropology»; an editorial board member of national and international editions: Journal of Biosocial Science (Great Britain), Journal of Physiological Anthropology (Japan), Journal of Life Sciences (India), Mongolian Journal of Anthropology, Archaeology and Ethnology, Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica (bulgaria), etc.

Professor Godina Elena Z. is awarded with honorary title “Merited research fellow of MSU», and «Honorary worker of higher vocational education of RF”.  

It is planned to discuss topical issues of children and adolescent sport in modern research in the field of human auxology. A principle concern will be devoted to age variability of young athletes morph functional characteristics, biological age and constitutional types issues.  

Sections directions: 
- Scientific (biological) reasoning of the age of beginning to take up different sports
- Scientific (biological) reasoning of the age of achieving elite sport by young athletes
- Biological age as a criterion of long-term training planning for young athletes in different sports
- Genetic marker for orientation and selection in different sports
- Training process individualization for young athletes in mind with their constitutional types