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Nations’ Health: Systems of Lifelong Physical Education as a Foundation of Public Health

Section 03. Healthy lifestyle development and Public health

Section 03. Healthy lifestyle development and Public health
Belichenko Oleg I., Professor, Doctor of Science
Information about the head: 

Belichenko Oleg I. - Professor, Doctor of Science, Executive director of Sport Medicine research institute of Russian State University of PE, Sport, Youth and Tourism, professor of sport medicine department, chief editor of “Therapist”.

The sphere of his interest is devoted to arterial hypertension, endocrinology, magnetic- resonant tomography and sport medicine. In addition Professor Belichenko Oleg I. possesses fundamental knowledge in hockey and soccer historiography and statistics.

He is the author of 350 scientific studies, including 4 monographs, 5 methodical manuals, 4 encyclopedic editions, 3 books, etc.

It is planned to discuss risk factors prevention of cardio-vascular disease, issues of increasing sport activity, health maintaining, service organization of physical training and sanitary. 

Sections directions: 
- Healthy life-style and its organization
- Medical support and self-control as the main factors of healthy life-style
- Social factors’ influence on population health
- Physical education and sport in internal disease prevention and healthy life-style encouragement