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Международный научно-практический конгресс


Focused attention! Rules for participation in the competition POSTER

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3.1.8. Competition for the best poster presentation (poster) is conducted at our site VPO "RGUFKSMiT" at address: c14.sportedu.ru  in the "Forum".  The decision will be made by voting, by registered members of Congress. Rating of posters will be made by the following criteria:

1. Contents poster (must be clearly reflected the basic idea, that the main idea);

2. The text of the poster (clarity, conciseness and expressiveness);

3. Composition of poster (composition of pictorial, color and font elements into a coherent whole).

For each criterion,  there is a rating of 5 - point scale. The winner is determined by counting the maximum number of points on all 3 criteria in each section.

To be able to vote, you must make an on-line registration on the site VPO " RGUFKSMiT " at : http://c14.sportedu.ru.

 For poster presentation ( poster) it is required to send the application and poster presentation (poster ) before March 20, 2014. It must be presented  in JPG format , designed in accordance with the requirements (see Annex 4 ).  Please send it on e-mail: c14@sportedu.ru ( copy  to - nou_sportedu @ mail.ru) in English and Russian languages.

From April 1 to May 1, 2014, submitted poster presentations ( posters ), drawn up in accordance with the requirements, will be posted at c14.sportedu.ru in the " Forum". Results of the competition will be announced at the Congress and published on the site http://c14.sportedu.ru. Winners of the contest for the best poster presentation (poster ) will be awarded diplomas.