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Abstracts requirements

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Call for Abstracts

Participants are invited to submit abstracts for the World Conference of ISCPES 2014 with title on “Nation’s Health: A system of life-long physical education as a foundation of nation’s health”.

For instructions for preparing abstracts (Please read these instructions carefully before preparing your abstract):

  1. Abstract must be written in English.
  2. Each presenting author is permitted to submit not more than two abstracts for the Conference of ISCPES in the capacity of main author. If two abstracts are submitted, the best abstract will be considered with first priority and the second one will be allocated in regard to the schedule of availability or advised as poster presentation.
  3. Figures and tables are not acceptable.
  4. Maximum length of an abstract is 250 words. The Abstract should be written in English. The title should be concise and descriptive of the word to be reported. Do not use any subtitles. Use Times New Roman font (font size 12) to write the text.
  5. The author submitting the abstract should appear as the first named author and will be expected to present the work if it is accepted.
  6. Abstracts must be submitted by using the following address: nou_sportedu@mail.ru  or c14@sportedu.ru and reached the Organizing Committee before the deadline. The abstract should give the objectives of the study, the approach and the methods used, the results obtained, and the conclusions reached.
  7. Deadline for abstract submission is March, 15 2014
  8. The organizers reserve the right to accept or refuse an abstract, to designate papers either as poster or oral presentations and to choose a suitable session for the abstract. A blind review system will be used when evaluating the abstracts. Notification of Submitted Oral and Poster Presentation will be e-mailed to submitting authors by April, 1 2014.
  9. Submitting authors must register as conference delegates and pay the registration fee. Abstracts without paid registration fees will not be published in the abstract book.
  10. Abstracts which have not been prepared according to these instructions will not be published in the abstract book.


Requirements for composition of posters (posters) for participants

1. Posters must be made as a JPG file in A4 format.

2. The poster should contain the following information: title, name of author's,  their current status (student, graduate student), full name of the university / institution , e-mail (in the center) .

  The poster must have the following properties: information actuality, novelty information, emotionality of its presentation, originality of solutions, intensity and contrast of colors, etc. These guidelines do not regulate the artistic and creative graphic design techniques that can be solved in each case independently. Guidelines apply to parameters such as themes, content, an art form images and text.


Call for Papers

2014 World Conference on Physical Education and Sports (26-29 May 2014)

Nation’s Health: A system of life-long physical education as a foundation of nation’s health.

Conference participants and members are invited to submit paper for consideration of publication at the ISCPES Book Series. In preparing your paper for submission, please read following instructions:

Paper Submission

Participants are invited to submit paper for consideration of publication. For instruction in preparing the paper for submission, please read the following:

  1. Manuscript can be written in English. Paper will be reviewed by reviewer nominated by the Scientific Committee. The acceptance of the manuscript is conditional to approval by both reviewers. In cases of only one initial approval, a third reviewer will be consulted.
  2. Manuscripts submitted to the Scientific Committee must be original work and should not have been submitted elsewhere. Manuscripts are selected from the categories of Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, Presentation at Workshop or Forum and Lectures from keynote.
  3. Authors must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) (Guidelines for Publication).
  4. We recommend that authors keep an original version of their submitted manuscripts.
  5. A manuscript will be published only if at least one author is registered and has paid the registration fee. (This rule does not apply for Keynote Speakers.)
  6. Participants who want to be considered for publication have to submit one full paper in hard copy format and one soft copy saved in MS word format (for IBM compatible Microsoft; DO NOT SUBMIT MAC format files)
  7. The original and fully identified printed and soft copy (saved in CD-ROM format) should be submitted by regular mail to the office of Organizing Committee or hand in the materials at the registration desk while you are in the Conference venue but not later than 30th September 2014 by 5.30pm (pending for the decision of LOC).
  8. Manuscripts should be double spaced, on letter-sized sheet, Courier font, size 12 pt. Do not exceed 20 pages (cover page, figures and tables, appendix and references included). The Scientific Committee reserves the right not to review any manuscript longer than 20 pages.
  9. A cover sheet must be included to indicate the title of the paper, name of the author(s), title, institutes, address, phone and fax number and E-mail address.
  10. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse a paper and/or to designate the paper either published at the ISCPES book series, ISCPES Journal and/or other media.
  11. For all categories, the original work must be written with clarity and a style that follows APA guidelines. Titles and subtitles should be numbered to reflect the organization of the manuscript. The location of tables and figures must be indicated within the text. Authors' citations must comply with APA guidelines. Full transcripts should be delimited by colons, and the citation of authors should indicate the page number of the original citation.
  12. References must be order alphabetically. Within the text, citations of the same author should follow chronologically. Multiple authors should first appear in as a full citation and later as et. al. In the list of references, list the author's last name and initials, followed by all co-authors and the date. List the title of the work, editor or journal. Include volume, number and page numbers. Example:
    • (Periodical) Moore, J. M.; Thompson, G., & Thompson, M. (1975). Auditory localization of infants as a function of reinforcement conditions. Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, 40, 29-34.
    • (Book) Silva, C. (1983). Adapted Physical Activity. Rio de Janeiro: Zahar.
    • (Book chapter) Block, S. S., & Borg, P. (1677). Early psychophysics. In: A.T. Moore & J.E. Stadium (Eds.), Handbook of human behavior (pp.500-550). Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall.
  13. A blind review system will be used when evaluating the paper. Notification of submitted paper will be e-mailed to submitting authors by April, 1 2014.