Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism

Nations’ Health: Systems of Lifelong Physical Education as a Foundation of Public Health

Scientific Committee


Members of the Scientific Committee

  1. MIKHAILOVA Tamara Viktorovna, Rector (RSUPESY&T), Head of the Department of «Theory and Methodology of  Rowing and Sailing Sport», Ph.D. in Pedagogics, Professor 
  2. PEREDELSKY Aleksei Anatolevich – Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovative work, Head of the Department of «Philosophy and Sociology» (RSUPESY&T), Doctor of  Pedagogical Sciences, PhD in Philosophy Sciences, Associate Professor 
  3. NEVERKOVICH Sergei Dmitrievich – Head of the Department of Pedagogics (RSUPESY&T), Academician of  Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of  Pedagogics,  Professor
  4. BAIKOVSKY Yuri Viktorovich - Head of  Psychology Department, Doctor of Psychology, Professor (RSUPESY&T)  
  5. VOVK Sergei Ivanovich – Head of the Department of «Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Physical Education and Sport» (RSUPESY&T), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
  6. KOMOVA Elena Viktorovna - Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, PhD in Pedagogical Sciences (RSUPESY&T)  
  7. LEVUSHKIN Sergey Petrovich - Director of Scientific Research Institute of Sports Medicine Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
  8. LUBISHEVA Ludmila Ivanovna - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology (RSUPESY&T) 
  9. SMOLENSKY Andrei Vadimovich – Head of the Department of Sports Medicine (RSUPESY&T), Doctor of Medicine, Professor