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Nations’ Health: Systems of Lifelong Physical Education as a Foundation of Public Health

Section 07. Historical and Olympic heritage in systems of lifelong physical education

Section 07. Historical and Olympic heritage in systems of lifelong physical education
Melnikova Natalya, PhD, professor
Information about the head: 

Prof. Melnikova is the Head of Department of History of Physical Education, Sport and Olympic Education of SCOLIPE.
Nataliya Melnikova was born on the 20th of January 1964. In 1985 she graduated from SCOLIPE. Since 2005 she is the President of the Central Olympic Academy of Russia. She got her PhD degree in 1989 and became a Professor in 2000. Prof. Melnikova is the Academician of the International Academy of Service and Tourism, member of the Olympic Committee of Russia.
Prof. Melnikova is a member of the International Society of Olympic Historians. In 2003-2007 she was the vice-rector of SCOLIPE for academic affairs.
She is the author of more than 100 academic and scientific works in the history of physical education, sports, international Olympic movement etc.
Prof. Melnikova is a Candidate master of Sports in underwater swimming and in figure skating.
Prof. Melnikova was awarded the diplomas of the Russian Olympic Committee, the diploma of the International Olympic Committee and  the diploma of Juan Antonio Samaranch the Honorary President of the IOC for her scientific research in the field of International Olympic movement.
Prof. Melnikova was invited as a lecturer to the International Olympic Academy (Olympia, Greece) on several occasions. She has certificates and diplomas of the IOA.
Prof. Melnikova has state decorations of the Russian Federation government, the Russian Federal Agency for Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Russian Ministry of Education, the Russian Olympic Committee etc.

The section is dedicated to the scientific research in the field of history of International Olympic and Sports movement, Olympic education in pre-schools institutions, schools and universities, development of the Olympic sport in different world regions, organizational and methodological aspects of physical education and sport.
Special emphasis will be given to the development of the semantic and conceptual aspects of the scientific activities which is important for coordination of research in physical education, sports and Olympic movement.

Sections directions: 
- Historical, philosophic and cultural aspects of Sports and Olympic Movement development.
- Social, Pedagogical and Psychological aspects of Sports and Olympic Movement development
- History of Physical Education and Sport as part of the social and human sciences system
- Pedagogical opportunities of Olympism as an instrument for shaping the civil society
- Olympism, Olympic Movement, Olympic Games: history and current situation
- Olympic education: goals and purposes