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Nations’ Health: Systems of Lifelong Physical Education as a Foundation of Public Health

Section 08. Social factors and cultural meanings of physical education

Section 08.  Social factors and cultural meanings of physical education
Bykhovskaya Irina Markovna, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy, Merited Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation
Information about the head: 

Head of department of culture studies, social cultural anthropology and social communications of Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Education RUSSIAN STATE UNIVERSITY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION,
International activities:
1. Member of Bureau of European Sport Sociology Association (2001-2010)
2. Member of the Editorial Board of «EJSS» - The European Journal for Sport and Society
3. Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal “Stadium. International Journal on Sport History”
4. Member of the Editorial Board of “International Journal of Eastern Sports & Physical Education” of «Society of South & North Sports & P.E.».
5. Member of the Publishing Board of Scientific Yearbook. “Studies on Sport and Physical Education”,  Warsaw, Poland.


Section is aimed at discussion of social cultural content and values of various PE systems

Sections directions: 
- Social cultural transformation factors in modern PE systems
- Physical Education in Modern Culture
- Cultural Diversity and PE systems
- PE systems as a component of immaterial cultural heritage
- PE as a determining factor of solving contemporary social cultural issues